Connecting surgeons with their colleagues and organizations through a mobile on-line platform

  • Share complex cases and collaborate with colleagues across the country
  • Facilitate referrals to and from other surgeons
  • Stay connected with colleagues in any location
  • Be a part of the same platform used by the orthopedic alumni programs at HSS, Cleveland Clinic, Rothman Institute, Johns Hopkins, Duke, and many more.

​Alumni Interaction

Matthew D. Chong, M.D.



Special Events

At several points throughout the year, SOGOS sponsors academic and social events to aid in resident enrichment and social interaction, including the yearly reception at AAOS.


Establish your relationship with the largest orthopaedic alumni organization in western America

The endowment

On our way to self sufficiency


The endowment's purpose is to eventually meet our yearly financial commitments using interest receipts alone, not having to rely completely on dues. This self-sufficiency will allow us to keep dues low during a time when reimbursements are declining and all other costs are increasing. We aim to fund the endowment to $100,000 by January of 2019, with a final fund goal of $300,000 by 2026.

Join / RENew

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​Resident Education & Support

​Academic and Community Service 


Annual dues: $200.00

*Any additional donations will be 100% allocated to fundraising for resident activities and to the USC-GOS endowment

SOGOS aims to support and nourish current USC orthopedic residents, aiding in their surgical training and character development, while fostering an environment for alumni interaction and cohesion.

Current officers

Daniel C. Allison, M.D.

Past President

William Stetson, M.D.

Past President

Pamela Luk, M.D.​

Jonathan Kaplan, M.D.

Our Mission

Board of directors

The University of Southern California Graduate Orthopedic Society

Raymond Hah, M.D.